Intraday bar field set interface. Returned by the [[getIntraday]] method.


  • IBarFieldSet


  • altTotalVolume: number | null

    Alternative cumulative volume that does not include volume for trades with no trade price.
  • hasRegularTrade: boolean

    This bar has regular trade(s).
  • hasOhlc: boolean

    If `false`, no trades in this bar set the last trade price so `open`,`high`,`low`,`close` are null.
  • open: Rational | null

    Open price at the start of the bar.
  • high: Rational | null

    High price in the bar.
  • low: Rational | null

    Low price in the bar.
  • close: Rational | null

    Close price at the end of the bar.
  • totalVolume: number | null

    Total volume in the bar.
  • totalPrice: Rational | null

    Total price in the bar.
  • totalValue: Rational | null

    Total value in the bar.
  • tickCount: number | null

    Number of ticks in the bar.
  • symbolId: ISymbolId

    Symbol the response applies to.
  • dateTime: Date

    Date and time of the start of the period covered by this field set. Read the dates as localtime, but they are in the timezone for the exchange.

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