A single relationship to follow in a request.



  • subscribe?: false | true

    If subscription was requested at the request-level, whether to subscribe for this relationship. Only makes sense if multiple relationships are specified, in order to only subscribe to certain navigation links.
    Default when not specified is equivalent to true.
  • navigationFilterPattern?: string

    Additional filtering to apply to the result of a navigation link. E.g. RelationshipId.option with navigationFilterPattern = "*.O" to retrieve only NBBO options. Note in this case a better RelationshipId would be RelationshipId.nbboOption.
  • fieldIds?: FieldIdList

    Fields to request. Undefined will request all fields.
  • ignoreInvalidFields?: false | true

    If a field specified in fieldIds doesn't exist in the retrieved record, whether to return it at all (it will have FieldStatus.notFound). Default is equivalent to false.

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