The options available when connecting, see [[connect]] for more details.


  • IConnectParameters


  • url: string

    The endpoint to connect to.
  • userId: string

    The user to connect to the server as.
  • password: string

    The user's password.
  • serviceId?: string

    ServiceId of the server; default is `Service.ContentGateway`.
  • disconnectExisting?: false | true

    Whether to disconnect an existing user with this id. Default: false.
  • disconnectOnFeedFailure?: false | true

    Whether to be disconnected if a feed goes down. Default: false.
  • userContext?: string

    Arbitrary string to pass to the server for logging.
  • applicationId?: string

    Optional application-level authentication.
  • onServerMessage?: (message: string): void

    An optional callback to receive messages from the server.
  • onHeartbeatMessage?: (date: Date): void

    An optional callback to receive on-the-minute heartbeats from the server.
  • streaming?: IStreamingCallbacks

    Streaming callbacks.

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