News request parameters.


  • query: string

    This is used to specify what stories you wish to be returned. It can contain tags and operators for those tags.
    The operators are `AND` `OR` `NOT` `()`, e.g. `body=((microsoft OR apple) AND NOT ibm`.
    Note that the `NOT` operators can only be `AND`ed. To retrieve every story, use `*` (an asterisk).
    Tags are specified as: `tag=value`. Valid tags are:
    * `body`: Query a news story body.
    * `cat`: Query the category code.
    * `head`: Query the headline.
    * `magazine`: The magazine to search on.
    * `newssymbol`: The actual symbol of a story.
    * `supplier`: The supplier of news stories to search on.
    * `symbol`: A stock symbol referenced in a story.
    Here are some example queries:
    * `cat=industrial AND symbol=IBM.`
    * `magazine=(DJDN OR BIZ) AND symbol=MSFT. AND body=report`
    * `body=(apple AND intel)`
    * `head=yahoo`
    * `newssymbol=241b3044%BIZ`
    * `supplier=comtex`
  • startDate?: Date

    Set this to exclude stories older than the Date.
  • endDate?: Date

    Set this to exclude stories newer than the Date.
  • startSymbol?: string

    The symbol to start the search from when continuing a previous request. It is used to specify where to start the search from and should be populated with the last symbol received from a previous request when wishing to retrieve more records. All other fields in the request should be the same as the initial request.
  • numberOfRecords?: number

    How many records to get. If unspecified, defaults to 1.
  • fieldIds: FieldId[]

    Fields to request.
  • includeExpired?: false | true

    Whether to include stories that have expired in the results. Such stories will have NewsState.expired set in their FID_NEWS_STATE field.
  • permissionLevel?: PermissionLevel

    By default, the API will return the best permissioned record(s) (where realtime is considered better than delayed). If the user is permissioned for both realtime and delayed, it is possible to force retrieval of the delayed record(s) by specifying PermissionLevel.delayed here.
  • updateHandler?: IUpdateHandler

    A handler to callback on new stories matching the query, or story updates.

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